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Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks

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We are the only authorised distributor for all ranges of SUNNIK Sectional Panel Tanks in the United Kingdom.

Technical Specification

1.1 Material: The tank panel, stays and cleats are made from Stainless Steel Grade 304 / 316

1.2 Flanges: The sectional panels shall be pressed to double flanges at the angles of 45 degree and 90 degree to the face of the plate on four sides.

1.3 Reinforcement Method: All tanks are internally braced with angle stays to endure the rigidity of the tank when filled with the water.

2. Accessories

2.1 Bolt. nut & washers: i) All bolt, nut & washer in contact with water contained within the tank shall be of stainless steel conforming to AISI 316/304. ii) All bolt, nut & washer for the tank external flanges are stainless steel 316/304.

2.2 Sealing material: Non-toxic P.V.C foam tape shall be used in between the joints.

2.3 Covers: The tank cover shall be constructed from 1.4mm to 3.0mm of thickness stainless steel AiSI 316/304 material according to the requirement.

2.4 Ladders and Level Indicator: Internal & external ladder shall be made of stainless steel grade 316/304 . Ladder indicator shall be made of Aluminum material.