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Ductile Iron Pipes Overview

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Ductile iron is an iron/carbon/silicon alloy with a nodular graphite structure that produces a strong, ductile material. With more than double the tensile strength and much higher ductility than that of cast iron, ductile iron pipes are simple to joint, can be laid in all weather conditions and often without the need for selected backfill. Its high safety factor and ability to accommodate ground movement make it the ideal pipeline material for a wide range of applications.

Main Product Standards and Specifications:

EN 545:2010 for Potable Water Applications
- EN 598:2007 + A1:2009 for Sewage and Dirty Water applications
- ISO 2531
- BSI Kitemark

Socket and Spigot pipes:

With Tyton Type 'Push Fit' Flexible Joints.

Socket and Spigot Self Restraining Joints:

Weld Bead Restrained Joint
Anchor Gaskets

Flanged Pipes:

Double Flanged
Flanged Spigot
Double Spigot
Tie Flanges and Puddle Flanges


Potable water trunk mains
Distribution mains
Raw water mains

Sewer pipe (EN598)

Sewage pumping mains
Gravity sewers


Pump stations
Process and treatment works
Bridge crossings
Fire mains
Ash and a slurry handling
Piling applications for ground stabilisation
Road crossings


Ductile Iron Pipes exhibit the following key advantages over other types of piping:


Inherent strength characteristics provide durable and reliable service life whilst compensating for changes in environment such as ground settlement.


These pipes are suitable for above ground and below ground applications.

Easy to Install:

Proven push fit flexile joint allows for ease of installation in most site conditions.

Lighter to use:

Ductile Iron Flanged Pipes are lighter, which reduces handling and transportation cost.

Straight forward:

Angular deflection of the joint enables a reduction in the requirement for bends.

Cost Efficient:

As the need for imported backfill is reduced, the cost associated with disposal of excavated material is made less.


Under pressure connections are straightforward.


A full range of socket/ flanged / restrained fittings are available.